Health Promotion & Knowledge Management

Creating Awareness on Health Effects of Fast food

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Quit Smoking

Why I have to quit smoking?

Smoking can increase risk factor for cardiovascular disease, respiratory illness, a range of cancer and other diseases and conditions. It not only giving risk to you but as well as to your family. Your family can get chance of having respiratory illness, chest, nose, ear and throat infections. Their risks are increased two or three times if you smoke.

How can I stop smoking?

There are 5 Step Action Plan recommend by WHO.

1. Monitor your smoking PATTERN – WHEN do you smoke and WHY?

2. Decide to give up smoking NOW. Choose the day when you are going to stop and it is useful if it is a day when you won’t under much stress.

3. Select ALTERNATIVE things to do when you are tempted to smoke such as chew gum or brisk walk.

4. Practise ways of saying “NO” to help you.

5. Ask your friends to give you SUPPORT.

How I want to manage relapses?TRY AGAIN. We are human! Learn from your mistake. You can contact Quitline on 131 848, a 24 hour counseling if you want any supports and information.

Narrowed and restricted blood flow of artery that has been blocked by cholesterol [1].

Accumulation of platlets makes up a clot that limits the blood flow. This causes heart muscle to starve and death and hence, heart attack. [2]

Lung cancer and emphysema (damaged air sac) generally occur in people who smoke [3].

Above shows that the relationship of fast foods and smoking cause heart and lung problem [4].







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