Health Promotion & Knowledge Management

Creating Awareness on Health Effects of Fast food

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Physically Active

What can I do for being physically active?

There are two main ways you can do to become physically active.

1. Become more active in your daily life. For instance take staircase instead of lift, and vacuum.

2. You can participate in a more structured physical activity. For instance jogging, playing soccer, and swimming.

How many days I have to be physically active?

It is recommended participating in any moderate-intense physical activity for more than 3 days. The more days you engage, the more is better!

What is the duration for a day?

At least 30 minute a day! This can be accumulated in bouts of ten minutes or more if this is more convenient

What benefit that I gain if I become physically active?

· You will be LESS at risk from major illnesses and minor ailments such as colds .

· You will have MORE ENERGY to spend on living.


· You will FEEL MORE CALM.

Where can I start?

If you are not physically active before this, you are one step forward to change your behaviour by reading this material. There are action plans you can use to become physically active.

· IDENTIFY WHEN you could be more physically active and HOW (either become more active in daily life or participate in more structured physical activity)

· START SLOWLY – DON’T be too rush.If you feel and experience nausea, dizziness and pain during exercise, STOP from doing it. Listen to your body.

· INCREASE GRADUALLY the amount of your exercise if you feel comfortable with what you are doing.

· AIM for at least 30 minutes a day and for more than 3 days per week.

· ENJOY your exercise by exercising with your friends or participate in team sports.


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