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Cut Down Alcohol

Is it wrong to drink alcohol? 

Drinking a small amount of alcohol can be a pleasant for social activity. However, if the amount and number of times of drink increases, so do the risks. 

What are the risks of drinking alcohol? 

Drinking in excess of recommended low-risk levels can have harmful effects on the drinker’s health. These risks include short-term risks, such as injury, violence and accidental death, and long-term risks such as cancer, cirrhosis of the liver, brain damage, memory loss and sexual dysfunction. The Australian Alcohol Guidelines describe three levels of risk:

  • Low risk: a level of drinking at which there is likely to be little risk of harm
  • Risky: levels at which risks of harm are significantly increased
  • High risk: levels at which the risks of serious harm are substantial.

There are many social and personal problems that can be related to drinking at risky or high-risk levels, including family or relationship problems, problems at work or school, legal and financial problems. 

 What is standard drink? 


Available from reference number 12 below.

What are the low risk drinking guidelines?

For men

  • No more than four standard drinks a day on average, with an occasional maximum of six standard drinks.
  • One or two alcohol-free days a week.

For women

  • No more than two standard drinks a day on average, with an occasional maximum of four standard drinks.
  • One or two alcohol-free days a week

What should I do to cut down my alcohol consumption? 

There are some action plan provided by WHO which useful to be incorporated to cut down alcohol consumption. 

1.       Monitor your alcohol drinking PATTERN – WHEN do you drink and WHY?

2.       Become AWARE of the impacts of drinking TOO MUCH alcohol.

3.       Take special notice of times when you have drunk TOO MUCH

4.       Decide NOW to CUT DOWN alcohol

5.       Ask your friends or your family to PRAISE you when you drink less

6.       Work out ways you can AVOID alcohol.

7.       Select ALTERNATIVE things when you are tempted to drink alcohol such as drink fruit juice.

8.       Practise how to say “NO”! 

How am I going to manage relapses?

 If RELAPSE occurred, remember you are human! Learn from your mistakes and TRY AGAIN. The chances are you WILL BE SUCCESSFUL. 

Picture above shows normal liver, fatty liver and cirrhosis, from left to right (14).

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3) 4) 












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