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Creating Awareness on Health Effects of Fast food

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    Our group will be really grateful if you can fill in the survey for this project. It will only take a while and you can fill it any time after you finish reading this website content. The questionnaire can be access by clicking the "survey" section.Thanks a lot for your time!!
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Posted by hpkm2006 on September 11, 2006

Date: 15 September 2006

Project Title:


We, a group of five second year medical student from Monash University are conducting this project as a part of our Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery courses. Our supervisor is Mr. Jason Wasiak, with qualification in Master of Public Health (Epidemiology and Biostatistics).

The project aims to create awareness on unhealthy effects of fast food and encourage the practice of healthy lifestyle by eating healthy foods to university students, aged 18 years old and above. The focus of this project is based on implementation and evaluation phases of health promotion.

This project will be focusing on university student from 18 years old and above. All you need to do is to read and go through every contents of this website. Briefly, the contents of the website are essential information about definition of fast foods, how fast foods affect health, diseases related to fast food, healthy lifestyle and information regarding nutrition facts label..

This website has been approved and reviewed by our supervisor. The website will be advertised to Monash University medical students via WebCT. Those who have read the advertisement are expected to visit the website and free to promote it to their peers. Their peers can be from other universities as well that they think might be benefited from the contents provided. There will be no such thing as coercion for them to participate i.e. they are free to visit the website or not. By this way, we considered that the participants were randomly selected.

For your information, by accessing this website, your location, and time accessing will be recorded for us to record the number of visitors of this website. Participants are free to fill in the online survey provided at the end of the website. The data obtained from the survey will only be used by our group and be restricted to the researcher and supervisor only. The data will be stored for at least five years in locked filling cabinet before they are destroyed according to university regulations.

It is not expected that participating in the research will have any risks that are beyond those of everyday activities.

If you agree, understand and meet the requirement of the project as we mention above, you may proceed by clicking the topic bars above. This will then link you to our increasing awareness of fast foods content. As you clicking the tab bars, we will assume that you meet our requirement and give your consent for us to use the data that will be recorded.If you have any queries or suggestions please feel free to contact our leader:

Mohd Naguib Mohd Yunos G62,

New Deakin Hall,

Halls of Residence,

Monash University, 3800 VIC ____________________________________________________________________

Should you have any complaint concerning the manner in which this research is conducted, please do not hesitate to contact The Standing Committee on Ethics in Researsh Involving Humans at the following address:

The Secretary

The Standing Committee on Ethics in Research Involving Humans

PO Box 3A

Monash University

Victoria 3800

Telephone (03) 9905 2052 Fax (03) 9905 1420 Email:

If you are concerned about your stress levels, your health or your ability to handle your problems, please seek help from a doctor, a registered psychologist or psychiatrist.

Monash University provides a free student counseling service. At Clayton campus, this is located at Community Services, First Floor, Campus Centre (western extension) Telephone (03) 9905 3156 Alternatively, you may contact Care Ring (24 hours) on 13 61 69 or Lifeline (24 hours) on 13 1114.


Thank you.

Any issues or problems with the project can be directed to the Health Promotion project convenors:


Dr. Craig Hassed,

Monash University

Department of General Practice Rd, East Bentleigh

Melbourne Victoria 3165


Phone: 03 8575 2205

Miss Tsharni Zazryn

Monash University

Dept. of Epidemiology & Preventive Medicine 867 Centre

Alfred Hospital Commercial Road

Melbourne Victoria 3004


Phone: 03 9903 0623



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